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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Team Deaf Volks Update

New announcement is due, as we have a third international Deaf Volks member joining us, just because the temptation is too great for a fellow mountain men like Clemens Zefferer... hailing from Austria near the majestic Alps! 

Clemens was born and raised in Klagenfurt which is not far from the Grossglockner which is the one of the higher peaks of the Alps in the area. When he was 10 years old, his mother bought a white 1983 MK1 Rabbit. That was when Clemens started his fascination with Volkswagens and he has owned few since getting his drivers license.

When Clemens relocated to America with his daughter in late 2011, their hearts remained loyal when it came to main means of transportation... only Volkswagens. When in Santa Fe, New Mexico since his daughter loves VW Beetles, Clemens got a 1973 Pastel Yellow Beetle and considering a Ghia in the future. Currently based in Indiana with an American partner, the allure of Mt. Shasta was too much for him to resist especially camping out in the backwoods in one of the most exhilarating VW bus adventures... he couldn't say no to the opportunity.  Ya know, who's stopping our fellow Austrian Alps fella from coming along? The force is strong with this one.

Clemens will ride with Jonas and Germi in the loaner 1957 Dove Blue Kombi. Three countries, all merged in a Kombi for the challenge of a lifetime. Throughout this weekend Team Deaf Volks will wrench on all of our buses which totals six at this moment. Main focus will be to make sure everything's dialed in and prepare contingencies such as spare parts tools survival gear, so on. 

Typical pre-Shasta Snow Trip WrenchFests look like this one hosted by Eric from NorCal Relics, check out this video.

link to YouTube Video: Eric's WrenchFest

Yes, it is HARDCORE!!! Keep checking back, we will post up more pictures of our progress this weekend. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

International Deaf Volks Rally Team

Greetings... sorry to have you hanging on the news we were about to announce, but here it is!

As you all may know- Deaf Volks Club has been heavily involved with The Shasta Snow Trip, an annual off road expedition rallying through the Mendocino backwoods up to the Mount Shasta base. To learn more about this trip, please check out Shasta Snow Trip website.

But wait, there's more... here's the exciting part!  Shasta Snow Trip which will be happening NEXT WEEK, starting on 30th of January and ending on 3rd of February.

Do you recall the flags we just posted earlier? One belongs to Catalonia and other one belongs to Finland. Whats so special about the countries? They host one of hard core Deaf Volks members we have- and we are proud to welcome them onboard this exciting expedition, our posse of six split window VW buses officially named Deaf Volks International Rally Team

Representing Finland for Team Deaf Volks is our one and only 
Jonas Torboli!

Jonas fell in love with VW's when he was in United States studying at Gallaudet University in Washington DC. He spotted a Ruby Red VW Bug while cycling on his regular route to the university and one day his bicycle was stolen. Jonas decided to check the guy if he was willing to sell the bug, and the owner agreed.  Jonas travelled all over America in this Ruby Red VW bug, as far to California and back. This went on for five years until he fell in love with a Finnish woman, sadly he had to sell the bug and packed his bags for Finland. 

Once arriving in Finland, his love affair with VW's wasn't over- he became one of most active Deaf Volks member in Finland among few others. His first VW there was a 1970 Pritschenwagen, since then he has collected and sold various types of VW's including Syncros, T1 T2 buses along with some bugs and currently working on a nice original Anthracite Grey Ghia. 

Representing Catalonia for Team Deaf Volks is our one and only Germinal Freixanet Alier, also known as Germi Volks in the VW community. As you may know, Catalonia is still fighting for its independence from Spain. 

He was born and raised in Barcelona where he grew up in love with Mini Coopers until he bought a 1974 Morris Mini Cooper when he was 17 years old. Germi went to many Mini Cooper meetings and fell in love the vintage automobile scene. He originally started with collecting and building 1/24 model cars and grew to owning a Mini Cooper before biting the "bug." Germi decided to hunt for a bus, and it took him two years to find his Dove Blue Double Cab which he slammed on Porsche Fuchs and added accessories. Check this BLING out! 

Germi is heavily involved with the VW scene in Catalonia and can be seen having fun in his Double Cab. Recently, Jonas went to visit Germi to join him at one of biggest VW events in Andorra, which is nestled in Pyrenees mountains bordered by Spain and France. They had a blast, and this is where they hatched a plan by Jonas, to come to California for the Shasta Snow Trip. Then.... there was Green Light!

After they already booked the tickets and anticipating the grueling challenges of this extreme backwoods adventure in a split window bus... hey, but what bus? Through Deaf Volks connections in California, we were fortunate to have Robert Skinner from Skinner Classics in Vacaville to loan a 1957 Dove Blue Kombi from his personal collection. We are grateful for his willingness to provide us the opportunity, this is where dreams happen but actually this is where the fun begins!!!

The 1957 Dove Blue Kombi, Deaf Volks International Rally Team vehicle #6

In the next blog, we will highlight some of activities to date such as preparations and wrench-fests. Also we will feature the rest of Deaf Volks International Rally Team vehicles. This year there are approximately 30- 35 buses attending and we are proud to be the largest contingent with 6 buses representing Team Deaf Volks!  

We want to send deep appreciation to the VW community that has embraced Deaf Volks Club, and welcomed us as part of the family by offering support in any way they could... They include Kombi Haus, Nor Cal Relics, Old Volks Club and Skinner Classics to name a few. 


Please follow Shasta Updates here and on our other sites as well.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Deaf Volks on Instagram!

We are back! Well, we were never gone- just busy and out enjoying the VW scene...

If you have already noticed, we have an Instagram account- just come and check us out on Instagram and dont forget to look for the #deafvolks hashtag. Hey, do us a favor- follow us!

As always, our club has evolved as necessary or it wouldn't have survived. 
Long time ago, we use to do small club meetings and BBQ gatherings at Little Bear's compound littered with VW relics of the old... those days are long gone however due to increasingly smaller world compromising of newly found gadgets that allow us to get closer to each other while staying on their faraway home soil... We have technology literally at our fingertips, thanks to mobile smartphones. 

We are proud to say that we have gone international... we have seen hardcore VW enthusiasts all across the globe start popping up but that doesn't mean they were new to the scene but just recently connected because they were already neck-deep into it. Through the power of social media such as, Faceboook, Twitter, Instagram and many more outlets, we are connecting with each other  instantly. We can enjoy checking out the hashtags and friend's personal postings of VW culture that we breathe, eat and sleep with without time taking its toll due to the distances... 

Because of this, we are looking forward to more fellowship- there will be definitely some exciting developments coming up for 2013, we can't wait to start sharing the good news! 

Hint: what countries does the following flags represent, and what does it have to do with Shasta Snow Trip and Deaf Volks?  Whoa... think we gave away one too many hint already? 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Introducing El Roacho

Jimmy Roth is nuts about VW's. You can tell by his 1956 VW Cabriolet in the following photos...

We have exciting news for you all... there is a footage captured of this beast on steroids huffing & puffing on Judson supercharged 36 hp engine with a slew of vintage performance tricks under its sleeves.

How do you think the engine sounded? We wouldn't know, since we can't hear... ;-)

It has been placed in previous shows & mentioned in vintage enthusiast magazines already, but Jimmy's just getting started, be sure to look out for the upcoming vintage air-cooled VW shows in California where El Roacho will surely rumble the pavement...

We will be back to feature few more of our member rides and....

Epic Shasta Snow Trip videos/stories coming soon!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's coming... Shasta Snow Trip

Everyone, the holidays has come and gone. Since then The Deaf Volks crew has been busy wrenching and preparing for the annual Shasta Snow Trip ( This year, we will be sending FOUR VW microbuses to join in the rest. There are ongoing discussions about this event on the forums at the popular VW site,, if you shall pay them a visit.

As you may know, the Beauty has been resurrected off a riverbed to be retrofitted to a second life, an adventurous camping machine. The clock was ticking but thanks to Kombi Haus in Sacramento for providing many of the vital mechanical support, including getting the motor, steering, suspension and safety stuff all sorted out. Here you can seen the Beauty in deep background, with the author's blue microbus- Roscoe's yellow crew cab had its main seal replaced along with clutch- plenty of buses getting ready!

With Clint getting his bus set up, I was also preparing my own ride as I am also going. This is a 1965 Sea Blue Microbus original Arizona bus, more on the story later on... Sitting pretty? 

This bus had recently completed traveling across the USA for 4 months through the summer of '11 with my wife, 2 little girls and 2 rat terriers. It was quite eventful 8,500 mile trip and the transmission was nearing its demise. I sent the transaxle to a reputable rebuilder in Richmond to do a complete refurbish. Check it out!

The pressure is on! With some good progress we will be all set to start the trip on Wednesday Noon Feb 1st onto the Rampaging Spot. From there we will meet up with other groups that had traveled from other states and places to celebrate the ultimate backroads experience... here are some photos from the past:

Hippy Tim wrenching on his ol' Mutant... photo credit: Richard Kimbrough

Hippy Tim bathing the Mutant... photo credit: Richard Kimbrough

Look out for more posts and videos coming from Team Deaf Volks as we dispatch four buses to participate in this challenging adventure, stay tuned folks. Please post comments as we will love for it to become more interactive with the audience and who knows... you might as well come along for the ride through this portal!!

Kudos to Kombi Haus VW Repair & Restorations:
2635 34th Street
Sacramento CA 95817
(916) 456 5615 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the Tale of the Beauty, continued...

We have been busy grinding on the Beauty, a 1966 VW Standard Microbus that was dragged out from a riverbed to be resurrected once again...

Kudos and major props go to Robert Skinner from Vacaville Auto Body Center, Inc at 938 E. Monte Vista Ave. Vacaville, CA 95688, website: 

The plan of attack once we brought the Beauty over to Robert's shop was to fabricate and install the heating components which were rusted out after years of sitting on the riverbed. We also smoothed up some of the body panels so it will be safer without having to cut us up while walking around the bus- it had too many jagged and rough metal edges all around the bus.

 Towing the bus to the Vacaville Auto Body Center

Clint (Deaf Volks member and owner of the Beauty) discussing the task 
at hand with Robert Skinner (shop owner in dark blue sweater)

Vacaville Auto Body Center, Inc

Patching up the rusted rocker panels with whatever scrap metal parts we can find.

 Work begins on the Heating ducting and system

 Cleaned up and ready to install new piece!

Fabricated and installed scrap metal hose so we have HEAT during Shasta Snow Trip!

 As you can see above, the front heater elbow piece was nonexistent. 
We added in donor metal piece, thanks to Robert!!!

 Cleaning up the area for install

 The donor elbow piece fitted in place, so the heated air can travel to the front cab area.

Welded in the piece after all the measuring and fitting.

Next up: Shaping the body panels to smooth it up.

Pounding away....

Whoo, you can see the rear corner taking shape. It was smashed in all the way in, and its amazing with the skills Robert got, it nearly got its shape back when it first left the VW factory!

Whew, burnt all the midnight oil, gotta stop for the Thanksgiving holidays.
Here, the Beauty is hoisted up in the air among its friends at Vacaville Auto Center...
Heres a parting shot for you all until the next update: STAY TUNED!!