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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Deaf Volks on Instagram!

We are back! Well, we were never gone- just busy and out enjoying the VW scene...

If you have already noticed, we have an Instagram account- just come and check us out on Instagram and dont forget to look for the #deafvolks hashtag. Hey, do us a favor- follow us!

As always, our club has evolved as necessary or it wouldn't have survived. 
Long time ago, we use to do small club meetings and BBQ gatherings at Little Bear's compound littered with VW relics of the old... those days are long gone however due to increasingly smaller world compromising of newly found gadgets that allow us to get closer to each other while staying on their faraway home soil... We have technology literally at our fingertips, thanks to mobile smartphones. 

We are proud to say that we have gone international... we have seen hardcore VW enthusiasts all across the globe start popping up but that doesn't mean they were new to the scene but just recently connected because they were already neck-deep into it. Through the power of social media such as, Faceboook, Twitter, Instagram and many more outlets, we are connecting with each other  instantly. We can enjoy checking out the hashtags and friend's personal postings of VW culture that we breathe, eat and sleep with without time taking its toll due to the distances... 

Because of this, we are looking forward to more fellowship- there will be definitely some exciting developments coming up for 2013, we can't wait to start sharing the good news! 

Hint: what countries does the following flags represent, and what does it have to do with Shasta Snow Trip and Deaf Volks?  Whoa... think we gave away one too many hint already? 

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